1601 North 5th St

Ages 16 months to five years
Location: Lincoln Park Funshop building

The Funshop program offers a unique education based environment where parents and children can play together. The foundation of the innovative Funshop experience is a firm belief that parents are not only a child’s first teachers but also his or her most trusted and influential educators. During the program, parents assume the role of the teacher while program staff provides guidance which allows parents to fully engage their children in the wonderful world of learning and discovering. Dozens of play center will capture your children’s interest, spark their imagination, strengthen their communication skills, and exercise their decision-making and sensory motor skills. Most of the program is devoted to self directed play however, each class also features small-group activities designed to develop social and language skills. At least one parent, relative, or caregiver must accompany each child to every class.

Early Childhood Education
The Springfield Park District offers a variety of programs designed to promote the education and development of children. All programs are set in a clean and safe environment with friendly professional staff. Funshop is designed to encourage learning through parent and child interaction and self directed play while the pre-school program provides structured activities designed to provide a strong foundation in preparation for Kindergarten. To decide which program is best for your child please follow the quick links to the right or feel free to contact Debbie Clark, Director of Early Childhood Education at 217-546-3970.

Summer Fun
Ages 3 ½ to five years
Location: Lincoln Park Pavilion and Washington Park Pavilion

This program offers an educational based curriculum similar to the pre-school program. Summer Fun features professional staff directing activities that encourage development of individual interests, refinement of motor skills, and preparation for Kindergarten. Children will participate in themed arts and crafts, outdoor play, music and much more. Summer Fun is a six week program beginning in mid-June.