Skate Park

Bunker Hill and Lenhart Roads

In early 2000, the Springfield Park District recognized the growing popularity of skate parks and the lack of a public skate park facility within the Springfield Community. In 2002 the Springfield Park District earmarked funds to construct a new outdoor skate park in Centennial Park. To ensure this new park would meet the needs of local skating enthusiasts, the Park District actively solicited input and advice from local skaters to design a skate park that would feature an array of trick-orientated objects like; bowls, handrails, trick boxes, vert ramps and banked ramps. This foresight gave birth to the widely popular Centennial Skate Park you see today.

Drop-in and shred in one of the best vert skate parks in Central Illinois. You may be the next great Thrasher, but you’ll never know if you don’t visit… ‘The Skate Park’ at Centennial Park!

Centennial Skate Park
Centennial Skate Park
Centennial Skate Park
Centennial Skate Park


  • Be courteous to other users. The park is for everyone to enjoy.
  • Don’t litter and please pick up trash that may not be yours.
  • Leave the skate park cleaner than when you visited it.
  • Take turns on the facilities equipment.
  • Be sure to have FUN and be SAFE.


  • Air - The skater catches “Air” when they fly above the lip of a ramp, bowl, rail, etc.
  • Drop In - The skater “Drops In” or enters a ramp or bowl by placing the edge of the board on the structure's lip and pushes down.
  • Flow - the execution of successful consecutive actions or a harmonious skate park.
  • Grind - Riding a metal rail or some other long structure, like a curb, with the truck(s) of a skate.
  • Heel flip - Pushing down on the edge of the board when doing an Ollie in order to ‘flip’ the board.
  • Ollie - Jumping the board into the air without using hands.
  • Plant - Falling head first, ex. ‘face plant.’
  • Shred - To skate.
  • Thrasher - To skate well and fearlessly.
  • Trucks - The axel of the skate board.
  • Vert - A style of skating. Usually in a skate park.


  • Skate boarding and inline skating are high risk activities. Use extreme caution.
  • Skate at your own risk. Skate park is unsupervised.
  • Skate boards and inline skating only.
  • It is strongly recommended to wear safety equipment: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc.
  • No littering or graffiti.
  • Skaters are responsible for inspecting all facility equipment and surfaces.
  • Competitive or demonstrational events are to have the approval of the Main Administrative Office at 544-1751.
  • No personal ramps or other devices are to be brought into the facility.
  • Have FUN and be SAFE.

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