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Springfield Park District Registration process
All registration will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Please be aware, there is a point when a decision must be made to stop accepting registration for a class because it is filled, or, to cancel a class due to low enrollment. Please do not wait until the day a class begins to register.

Four Simple Ways to Register!

Online Registration
We've introduced a new online registration system to make signing up for your favorite activities easier than before. To access this system, all you need is your username and password. Online, everyday - 24 hours a day, visit our online registration portal.

Residency will be verified annually by Park District Representatives. Learn more about how to create your new online account to continue to the fun with parks and recreation!
*Residency will be verified annually

Online Registration FAQ

In Person
Sign up for classes, memberships, activities, events and more at the Springfield Park District with your household account! To create a household account, visit the Customer Service Desk at any of our locations during business hours. Please bring proof of residency for verification purposes. Take it one step further and ask to active the online registration option. Learn more about household accounts.

Drop off your completed registration form and payment (cash, check, money order, Visa and MasterCard only) at the facility in which you would like to register for a program.
*Residency will be verified annually

Mail your completed registration form and payment (check, money order, Visa and MasterCard only) directly to the facility in which you would like to register for a program.
*Residency will be verified annually

Fax your completed registration form including credit card payment information (Visa or MasterCard only) to the facility in which you would like to register for a program.
*Residency will be verified annually

Botanical Garden
Attn: Program Registration
1740 W Fayette
Springfield, IL 62704

Henson Robinson Zoo*
Attn: Education Registration
1100 E Lake Dr.
Springfield IL, 62712

Pasfield Golf Course*
Attn: Recreation Registration
1700 W. Lawrence Ave.
Springfield, IL 62704
Fax: 726-6725

Bunn Pro Shop
Attn: Recreation Registration
2500 S. Eleventh St.
Springfield, IL 62703

Lincoln Pre-school
Attn: Recreation Registration
2500 S. Eleventh St
Springfield IL 62703

Velasco Tennis Center*
Attn: Recreation Registration
1501 S. Grand West
Springfield, IL 62704
Fax: 753-6238

Attn: Recreation Registration
1601 N. 5th St
Springfield IL 62702
Fax: 753-3750

Nelson Center*
Attn: Recreation Registration
1601 N 5th Street
Springfield, IL 62702
Fax: 753-4766

Washington Pre-school
Attn: Recreation Registration
2500 S. Eleventh St
Springfield IL 62703

*Accepts Credit Cards

Household Accounts

This account consists of up to two adults and unmarried dependent children, less than 26 years of age who reside at the same address full time. If there are two or more families living at the same address, where there are more than two adults over the age of 26, then two or more accounts must exist.

Household accounts must be created before registering for classes and programs. If you have not updated your current account or do not have an account with us, bring a completed Registration Form, along with a photo ID and qualifying documents to verify residency status to one of our customer service locations for setup.



Online Accounts

Online registration is easy and secure at the Springfield Park District. To create an online household account, residency must be verified by first visiting one of our customer service locations. This will be the first and only time residency verification will be needed for the system. Please bring sufficient documentation to verify residency status.


The Springfield Park District is committed to serving the residents of the Springfield Park District. Springfield Park District residents may be different than City of Springfield residents.

A resident is defined as anyone living within the boundaries of the Springfield Park District. Residents support the Springfield Park District facilities and programs through property taxes and therefore receive preferred rates for many of the services provided by the Springfield Park District.

You may have a Springfield Park District address, but not pay taxes to the Springfield Park District. The quickest way to determine your Park District resident status is to check your resident tax bill. The taxes you may pay to the park district will be listed. Resident and non-resident fees are listed within the program information.

When establishing a new household account with the Springfield Park District, and including an online account, each resident is required to prove residency in person. This is a matter of data verification to make sure we have the most updated information in our new system.

Please provide two qualifying documents for each person you are listing on your account from the options provided below.

*Note that a current drivers’ license, government issued ID, or passport must be one of the qualifying documents if you are an Adult over the age of 18.

    Proof of Residency for Adults 18+
  • Current resident utility bill (within the last month)
  • Property tax bill
  • Current drivers' license or government issued ID
  • Passport
    Dependent Children Under Age 26
  • Birth Certificate
  • Health insurance card listing the minors
  • Passport


The Springfield Park District accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards/debit cards. Springfield Park District gift certificates may be also used. Please note a $30 charge will be assessed for a check returned.

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